11 Places to Buy Winter Jackets in Canada

buy winter jacket in canada

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Winter is coming and I’m not talking Game of Thrones. Canada is probably most popular for its epic winter. I’ve heard many Canadians who have lived here for over 20 years say that they never get used to the cold. While you might not be able to escape the unbearable Canada winter, you definitely can prepare for it by getting warm clothing and Winter jackets.

When it comes to buying Winter jackets in Canada, I’ve learnt that there are Winter jackets and there are WINTER jackets. What is key is buying one warm enough to withstand the extreme temperatures you would be exposed to. From research, I’ve put together a list of places you can buy good Winter jackets based on your budget and preference.

Canada Goose: Canada Goose is probably the most popular Winter jacket brand in Canada. It isn’t exactly affordable but it will definitely be worth every penny. Think of it as an investment. These jackets are warm and can withstand extreme temperatures. You can also own one for many years because they are durable. You can shop from their website or from retailers who stock them. You’ll probably get a good one from $900 and above.

North Face: North Face is another brand with waterproof and insulated Winter jackets. It’s not as expensive as Canada Goose but also does a great job of keeping you warm. They have outlets in different parts of Canada. They are also sold by retailers. A good one can range from $400 upwards. You can Google to find one closest to you.

Aritzia: Aritzia jackets are very warm, water resistant, down filled and all the great qualities you would expect from a good Winter jacket. They manage to be stylish in addition to these qualities. They have super puff jackets and have long options that extend below your knee for proper coverage. Their prices are also reasonable as you can get one from $300. Aritzia has stores around Canada and you can also shop online.

Eddie Bauer: Eddie Bauer Winter jackets have great reviews. They are ultra-warm and have jackets that extend below the knee. They have a particular product called the Women’s Lodge Down Duffle Coat that boasts of being able to withstand -51degree C with 650 fill Premium Down. The price for this particular product is $359 but currently goes for $209 because they’re having a Thanksgiving sale.

Sporting Life: Once it has to do with snow, Sporting life’s got you. The stock Winter jackets and wears for men, women and even the kids. They have a wide selection of stylish Winter jackets across several brands you can select from. The prices depend on the brand you’re buying.

Nordstrom: Nordstrom is a fashion retailer that stocks several brands, it has to be Nordstrom. The advantage is being able to select from several styles, prices and brands depending on your preference.

Winners: Winners is what I like to call “the balance” when it comes to Winer jackets. You won’t be breaking the bank and you’ll be getting something of great quality that isn’t shabby at all. There are lots of Winners stores in Canada. Run a Google search on Winners near you

Joe Fresh: If you’re looking for affordable Winter jackets and wears under $200, you should try out Joe Fresh. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to save some coins. Joe Fresh also has kids section.

Costco: Yes, Costco has some really nice Winter jackets as well. They also have low prices because it’s Costco. You however need to have a Costco membership to be able to shop there.

Value Village: If you like the Thrift life, you wouldn’t mind Value Village. It’s a thrift store that sells gently used items. You can check the Winter jacket section to see what you might find. It is super affordable but just like every other thrift store, there are no guarantees.

Kijiji: But of course Kijiji had to be on this list. You’ll be really surprised at what you can find on this site. You would definitely see some neatly used Winter jackets being put up for sale by their owners. The deals are mostly great. If you don’t mind pre-owned Winter jackets, you can run a quick search on Kijiji; you never know.

Like I said earlier, you don’t buy Winter jacket every day so whatever option you choose to go with, be sure it’s durable, warm and would last you many Winters. Also ask the store attendant what temperature degree the jacket can withstand.



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