6 Apps You Need to Download as a Newbie in Canada

6 apps to download as a newbie in Canada

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Being a new immigrant in a country is difficult enough with all the hassles it comes with. While settling down as a newbie in Canada was not the easiest thing for me, I can definitely say my life was made a whole lot easier just by downloading certain apps. These apps will certainly be of great help to you if you’re a newbie in Canada.

Google Maps: You are literally lost in Canada without your Google maps. Canada has a system that works like a giant well-oiled machine. Everything has already been planned and you have to arrange your schedule to align with this plan. Whether you’re driving, looking to catch a bus or a train or even looking for directions to where you’re going, you’ll need your Google maps. This shows you directions to your destination; transit times, bus/train routes to take, stops to get off at. This is your most important app as a newbie.

Kijiji: Kijiji is an online marketplace where third parties sell goods and services. Whether you’re looking to rent a house, looking for affordable furniture, looking to share rides on a road trip or just looking for great deals on lifestyle products generally, Kijiji is your app. It’s available on the Google play store and App store.

Google Weather: You’ve probably heard that Canada weather is very unpredictable. Don’t trust the sun even when it shines; be sure to download a weather app and dress appropriately before leaving home. It doesn’t have to be the Google Weather app; any other weather app will do.

Eventbrite: Networking is very important in Canada. As a newbie, chances are that you might not know too many people or how to go about meeting people. Eventbrite is a networking app that keeps you informed about networking events and opportunities in your area. The events fall under different categories. They could be social, educational or even career focused such as job fairs. Just search based on your preferences.

Indeed: Indeed is a job board app where you can see job postings of available opportunities within different organisations. It would make sense do download this app to start applying for jobs if you need one. It is very robust and easily the number one job search app in Canada. Download it from your app store.

G1 Genius: If you’ll be looking to start driving or get your driver’s license, the G1 Genius app is a very useful app to help you with practice questions for your G1 test. If you practice all the questions on this app, your G1 test will be a walk in the park.

While there are many other great apps that you might discover with time, these ones I listed above will definitely be a great place to start.



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