7 Ways to Still Have Fun During Winter

what to do in winter

Winter is popularly known as that time of the year when everyone crawls back into their holes and stay there except there is a very important reasons to come out such as going to work to get those bills paid. It does not help that the nights are longer and darkness forces daytime to be cut short earlier than usual. Amidst all of these, it’s very important to stay sane and happy because the weather has a great impact on our moods. If it’s your first Canada Winter, don’t be scared, here are some ways to still have fun during Winter.

Netflix and Chill: Winter might be a great time to finally start that TV show you’ve been stalling on watching. Don’t be boring, make some popcorn and grab a drink while enjoying your show. It would also be a good time to try out other things on TV like comedy, YouTube channels, documentaries or other things other than what you’re typically used to.

Move in with a Friend: Well, you don’t necessarily have to pack all your stuff and move out of your home; you however can spend weekends with a friend and even some weekdays especially if you live alone. Being able to chat, gist and laugh with someone is therapeutic.

Music is Always a Great Idea: Music has this way of automatically infusing some excitement into the atmosphere. Get a mini speaker and allow your favourite tunes play as you go about getting things done or relaxing. You can also try out new music you’re yet to listen to.

Experiment with New Recipes: If you’re like me and have been saving a lot of recipes to try out someday, good news, Winter is that someday. Get adventurous with food and drink recipes. I’ll personally be trying out how to make the popular Shitor sauce from Ghana. Also have some seafood recipes I’m itching to try out. There are several easy recipes to try out. Google is your bestie.

Brave the Cold and Go Out: Guess what, regardless of the cold, there are still many indoor places you can go to and have a great time. If you’re adventurous enough, you could try learning to ice skate, or ru a Google search on “Things to do in Winter.” If not, you could go bowling, play pool and explore indoor arcade places around you. All you need do is dress in proper warm clothing to suit the weather.

Treat Yourself: One thing you also want to do during Winter is stock up on all your favourite treats. Let me paint a picture, you could spend an evening indoors watching one of the movies you’ve been looking forward to while sipping a glass of red wine and relaxing on the couch.

Come up with Engaging Indoor Activities: If you have a family or live with friends, you can come up with games everyone can enjoy. Charades is always my go-to choice when I have friends around or attend games night.

The list of things you can do during the Winter is actually not the problem; it starts with your mind. Decide to be happy, thankful and have a good time regardless of the weather, then work towards it.


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