How to rent a house in canada

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One of the challenges new immigrants to Canada face is renting a place to live in. This is mostly because they do not have most of the requirements landlords ask for like employment letter, reference, pay stubs for some months, no or new credit, etc. This could be quite stressful but there are some tips that could help you secure a place regardless. These are proven tips that worked for me and several friends I know.

There are four broad categories of types of houses here in Canada. There are town houses, condos, apartments and basements. It’s important to bear these in mind as you begin your house hunt. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Town Houses:

Advantage- Spacious, big and private

Disadvantage- Costly, clear your walkway during winter,


Advantage- Luxurious, often fitted with gyms, pools and other facilities.

Disadvantages- Expensive, smaller spaces


Advantage- Affordable

Disadvantages- Central laundry for entire building, limited recreational facilities.


Advantages- Cheaper, less requirements from landlords

Disadvantages- Cold in the Winter, no windows

Kijiji: Kijiji is an online platform where third party sellers sell products and services. It is probably the most reliable platform for renting real estate here in Canada. All you have to do is use the search filters to search for your preferences based on location, number of rooms and price range. Contact the landlords by sending them a message on the Kijiji app, giving them a call or using their preferred method of communication. While your first trial might not yield the result you want, keep contacting landlords till you find one that does not request for requirements you don’t have. Visit the sites for inspection and if you’re happy with it, you can progress with it.

Agents: You could engage the services of a realtor to assist you in your search. Tell them your preferred location and budget and they would show you available options for inspection.

Sharing: If you’re single and open to sharing an apartment with another single person, this is much easier and more affordable than renting one on your own. It could be a one-bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment or a one bedroom in a three-bedroom apartment. This arrangement allows you share the living room and kitchen. All you’ll need to do is sign a contract with your housemate who sometimes is also the landlord and move in. The advantage of this is than some of these houses already come furnished and you might not need to purchase furniture like bed, dressers, etc. You should however be sure it’s someone you’re somewhat compatible with.

Network: You can leverage on your friends and network to get news of vacancies in their apartments or buildings.

The key to your house search is consistency. Keep searching till you find one. Your best bet as soon as you land is to either stay with a family or friend or rent an Airbnb for a month before you land Canada.

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Disclaimer: Naija Canada Girl is not an immigration consultant and in no way affiliated with the Canadian immigration body or government. Tips and advice are strictly from personal experiences ans friends’ experiences.

How to Rent a House in Canada


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